I’m Kate Hubbard, the cook, writer, & photographer behind Mountain Cravings. I share my life in the mountains with my husband, Kirk, who is Mountain Cravings’ official taste tester and occasional sous chef. Outside of the internet we’re engineers with an unhealthy love of spreadsheets.

For the most part, my recipes are a healthy spin on comfort foods. I update the classics to be enjoyed every day, not just as guilty pleasures. That’s not to say there aren’t some decadent, stuff-your-face meals or desserts, and there may even be a few salads, but it’s all about balance!


The name Mountain Cravings comes from my ingrained love of the Rockies and my insatiable cravings without respect for time of day, availability of food, or any sort of logic.

I grew up in northern Idaho but didn’t fully appreciate the pure joy of living in the mountains as a child. After a decade or so floating between the east coast and the midwest, I was more than ready to move back. We’re now settled in the Colorado foothills of the Rockies, outside of Denver.

As for food… there are no excuses. I crave what I crave, and I am beyond lucky to live with someone who (mostly) puts up with it when I desperately want burritos three nights in a row.


I shoot using a Nikon D3300 with 50mm f1.8 lens. Because 90% of my cooking happens after all the beautiful natural light is gone, I made a pair of EGO Lightboxes similar to those from The Adventure Bite for $25.

Tasty Food Photography from Lindsay at Pinch of Yum has been invaluable in understanding what I’m doing! Mountain Cravings is hosted by Bluehost and uses Hello Bar for email subscriptions.