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Red Velvet Beet Smoothie | Mountain Cravings

Red Velvet Beet Smoothie

This has to be the prettiest-colored smoothie I’ve ever made! I’m in love with the deep, rich raspberry and cocoa rim and pretty much everything red velvet. Perfect for your Valentine! Truth: this is the very first time I’ve ever cooked with beets. They aren’t my favorite, but I’m working on that. Roasting helps and so does half-and-half-ing them with cherries. And coconut…

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Ginger Grapefruit Bourbon Smash | Mountain Cravings

Ginger Grapefruit Bourbon Smash

This is everything we want in a cocktail – fresh seasonal fruit, short & simple recipe, and a whole lotta bourbon. Sweet and smooth meets tart and spicy, just how it should be. Now that Thanksgiving has been properly celebrated and appreciated, I’m finally letting go of my bah-humbug attitude and embracing the season of extravagance. This bourbon smash is smooth and dangerous…

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Bourbon Peach Iced Tea | Mountain Cravings

Bourbon Peach Iced Tea

The idea for this recipe has been floating around for months… meaning I’m kicking myself hard for not making it sooner. We could have been sipping this nectar all summer! Better make up for lost time in these last few weeks of sunshine. The idea is simple: we’re making peach simple syrup, steeping strong black tea, and whisking it all…

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Summer Margarita Shandy | Mountain Cravings

Summer Margarita Shandy

Oh friends… sorry I disappeared. I missed you. Not sorry that we just returned from a truly fantastic family reunion on the lake, with no cell service + nonconnecting internet, giving us no choice but to completely unplug… and it was wonderful. Except now we’re home again and somehow it’s August, which I am completely unprepared for. Where has summer…

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Limoncello & Arancello

Hello friends! It’s been a while. Did you miss me? More importantly, did you eat anything really delicious? Tell me all about it please. Kirk and I been having an absolutely wonderful time the past few weeks… the highlight being getting married! WHAT. It’s finally official and feels so so good and also still a little wonderfully weird. We’ve had batches…

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100-Calorie Veggie Smoothie

Okay, okay, I know. Major fail as a cravable, want-it-in-my-mouth-now recipe for a food blog. What the heck is this greenish stuff, and is there even more purple stuff hiding in there? (There totally is. I’m trying to distract you with a fancy jar and pretty straw.) (Is it working?) I get it. This is not why you’re here. You’re here for pork…

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Blazin’ Bloody Mary

If you ask, I can’t explain exactly why I like bloody marys. Tomato juice by itself is, quite frankly, weird. And most people don’t want punch-you-in-the-face heat levels first thing in the morning. But maybe that’s it – it’s just weird enough to really wake you up for the day, like wow-this-is-so-not-eggs-and-toast. Like most boozy brunch drinks, it sets the…

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German Mulled Glühwein

Wine & bourbon with holiday spices is the absolutely perfect finale to a snowy day out. I fell in love fast and hard when I discovered glühwein a few years ago and now it’s becoming a Christmas Eve tradition, a wonderful wind-down after a busy day to relax and refocus on the real holiday magic of family and friends. Glühwein,…

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Spiced Fall Sangria

Colorado is only just beginning to realize that summer is over. The mornings have cooled down, but the afternoons are still gorgeously sunny and in the 80s. I’m ready for the transition but we’re not quite to the huddle-by-the-fire-with-cider time of year, so I’ve resorted to chilled sangria with fall flavors.

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