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Skillet Chicken with Mushrooms & Olives | Mountain Cravings

Skillet Chicken with Mushrooms & Olives

Last night I put all my favorite things in a skillet and magic happened. Chicken thighs are poached in red wine yet crispy on top, mushrooms and tomatoes and olives all melt together, and we only have to wash one pan! This barely misses the under-30-minutes trophy, but the hands-on time is less than half that. After just one round,…

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Apple & Rosemary Chicken Sausage Skillet | Mountain Cravings

Apple & Rosemary Chicken Sausage Skillet

Friends! This is it: your one-skillet, family-pleasing, nutritious dinner plan. Easy to toss together and so good that it won’t last long! Sauteing apples + onions + chicken sausage + rosemary + cinnamon makes a knock-em-dead skillet that – bonus – is good for you! This dish fits perfectly in the healthy-ish comfort food category with a little sweetness, a little…

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Ultimate Veggie Sandwich | Mountain Cravings

Ultimate Veggie Sandwich

Tomatoes on cucumbers on red onion with lettuce and of course AVOCADO is a great base for eating healthy, and paired with provolone makes the best vegetarian sandwich! Here’s the answer for all those veggies in your fridge from good intentions at the grocery store. This is really similar to a certain freaky-fast chain’s vegetarian sub, which I inexplicably love.…

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Baked Avocado Falafel | Mountain Cravings

Baked Avocado Falafel

January means we’re eating all things green! These baked falafel get their bright-green color from my die-hard favorites, avocado and cilantro. We might not be winning any beauty contests, but we’re killing it in the flavor department.

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Butternut Sausage Spinach Lasagna | Mountain Cravings

Butternut Sausage Spinach Lasagna

You know when you’re trying to eat more vegetables, but it’s December and you’re surrounded by so much insanely good food like cranberry brie pull-apart bread and vanilla bean sweet potato waffles that you want to cry? Yeah. That’s where we’re at. So I roasted a butternut squash to make it candy-sweet and layered it with a big bunch of spinach and spicy sausage…

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Simple Handmade Pasta | Mountain Cravings

Simple Handmade Pasta

There’s nothing like the rich flavor and tender softness of fresh pasta! Today we’re going to be fearless in the kitchen. We’re rolling out our own pasta all by ourselves, no special tools needed, and we’re going to be rewarded by the most comforting bowl of noodles ever. This is less of an actual recipe, more of a big encouraging push.…

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Roasted Mushrooms and Creamy Parmesan Polenta | Mountain Cravings

Roasted Mushrooms with Creamy Parmesan Polenta

We’ve seriously died and gone to mushroom heaven. Mushrooms, shallots, garlic, and thyme roasted in marsala wine become the most savory-craveable topping for creamy polenta loaded with parmesan. Simple ingredients, major flavor, zero leftovers after scraping the bowl clean. I’d like to humbly say that I impressed the hell out of myself and you should too.

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Spinach Artichoke Pasta Bake | Mountain Cravings

Spinach Artichoke Pasta Bake

What a week. What an emotional roller coaster. (Still waiting for the uphill.) Let’s all focus really hard on kindness. Kindness to everyone, full stop, all-inclusive. Sometimes kindness means sharing gooey cheesy carbs with people we love. When I say sharing, I maybe mean I’ve made this spinach artichoke pasta bake twice in the past week. Partly because it’s so easy, mostly…

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Cheesy Chorizo Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Cheesy chorizo and poblanos stuffed inside fluffy sweet potatoes, topped with more cheese and a big dollop of sour cream? Mmmmm yes please. This is the straight-up definition of guilty comfort food and it’s so damn good.

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One-Dish Last-Minute Pasta Bake | Mountain Cravings

One-Dish Last-Minute Pasta Bake

Oomph. Fall has gotten to me, guys. Between fostering pups and flying around the country for weddings, our cooking situation has been pretty grim. But we’re doubling down and diving back in, because fall is the very best food season: cosy soups and stews, all-day slow cooking, and lots of bubbling gooey dips. Comfort foods are my love language. Let’s start slowly with…

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